Residents making the transition to one of our Skilled Nursing Facilities might have many questions and concerns. While each facility is unique, below is a short guide to help make your transition into any facility, an easy one.

What should I bring with me to the facility?

  • All insurance coverage cards
  • Medicare/Medicaid cards
  • Driver’s license or photo ID card
  • Social Security card

Items that will make your stay easier and more restful:

  • Comfortable clothing, with your name clearly written on the label. Bring enough clothing for at least 7-10 days
  • A pair of non-skid, supportive shoes and socks
  • Pajamas/robe
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste, denture caps
  • Comb, brush, personal lotion, deodorant, and other essential toiletries
  • Hearing aid, eyeglasses, and eyeglass case
  • Reading material, family photos
  • Radio
  • Small television and telephone. In most facilities, you may arrange to have these services provided. You may also bring your cell phone. Some facilities provide televisions, so ask your assigned social worker at the hospital if you should bring one

What should I leave at home?Teaching-grandpa-how-to-surf-the-net-000011215262_Medium

  • Jewelry/valuables
  • Large amounts of money
  • Purses/wallets
  • Electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters, and electric blankets



Do I have to pay any money to be there?

It depends on your payer class. Our staff can help explain the details that apply to your specific situation.

Does Medicare pay for a private room?

While Medicare does not pay for a private room, most facilities have a private room.

Do I still have to do my laundry and housekeeping?

That service is provided as part of the daily rate. A staff member will go over your facility’s specific amenities.

Can I have a refrigerator in my room for snacks?

Yes, depending on the specific space allowances.

What happens in the case of an emergency like a hurricane or tornado?

Our staff is trained with knowledge of specific policies and plans for emergency situations. Our facilities have comprehensive plans to care for your loved one in all types of emergencies.